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Product Codes:
  • INT10644 - 5in

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Taskmaster Exterior Block Brush 125mm / 5in

Our Taskmaster exterior woodwork brushes are designed to make light work of exterior wood surfaces, like sheds and fence panels. The block brush has a dense head of crimped filaments which not only hold more paint but make it easy for you to get into all the crevices of rough timber for great coverage, first time.


  • Thick block brush head for time saving coverage.
  • Crimped filaments for exceptional paint pick up.


For best results, rinse brush head before use to remove any dust or loose filaments. Use with any paint, stain or varnish on sheds or fence panels. Top tip: Use our exterior woodwork block brush to get into all the crevices of rough timber and our exterior woodwork roller for quick coverage over smoother timber.


After use with water based paints, remove excess paint and wash in warm soapy water ensuring all paint is removed. Rinse under clean running water and allow to dry naturally with the brush head flat. After use with oil based paints, refer to the paint manufacturers guidance on cleaning.