Product Codes:
  • INT4210 - 9in
  • INT4206 - 7in / 180mm
  • INT4195 - 9in / 230mm

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Taskmaster Twin Sleeve Cage Roller Set for Medium Surfaces 230mm / 9in

Our Taskmaster roller set with medium pile woven fabric for improved coverage, finish, reduced spray and paint pick up. Comes with roller tray and frame with push fit extension pole fitting point. Use with water based paints on uneven surfaces such as old plastered walls.


  • Even coverage and reduced paint spray.
  • Roller handle accepts push fit extension poles for extra reach.
  • Replacement sleeves available.

Kit Contains

  • 2 x roller sleeve
  • 1 x roller frame
  • 1 x roller tray.


For best results, rinse roller sleeve before use to remove any loose fibres._Use with water based paints on rough surfaces; such as textured walls and ceilings.


After use with water based paints, remove excess paint and wash in warm soapy water ensuring all paint is removed. Rinse under clean running water. Stand the sleeve up on its end, to avoid the fibres being flattened and allow to dry naturally.