Product Codes:
  • INT10620 - 2in
  • INT10610 - 1in / 25mm
  • INT10614 - 1.5in / 38mm
  • INT10630 - 3in / 75mm
  • INT10693

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Taskmaster Wood Care Paint Brush 50mm / 2in

Our Taskmaster paint brush range for interior woodwork has a natural and synthetic bristle mix specifically designed for treating wood surfaces. This range comes in the just the right sizes for easy painting of garden furniture and wood trim; such as skirting boards and door frames.


  • Specific natural and synthetic bristle mix for treating wood surfaces.
  • Smooth, waxed birch wood handle.


For best results, rinse brush head before use to remove any dust or loose filaments._Use with water and oil based paints, wood stain or varnish on wood trim and furniture.


After use with water based paints, remove excess paint and wash in warm soapy water ensuring all paint is removed. Rinse under clean running water and allow to dry naturally with the brush head flat or hang the brush from its handle. After use with oil based paints, refer to the paint manufacturers guidance on cleaning.