5 Hallway decorating ideas to make the most of your space

Making the most of your hallway can be a tricky task but there are so many ways you can transform your hallway from just the entrance to your house to being a beautiful part of your home. Hallways can often seem dark and narrow but there’s no reason this should be the case. We’ve put together 5 simple hallway decorating ideas to get you inspired to decorate and help get you well on your way to loving your hallway.


Here at Harris we are obsessed with colour and print. Whether its wallpaper or paint we just can’t get enough. There are so many paint shades and patterned wallpapers to choose from and the possibilities are truly endless.

For small or narrow hallways we recommend going for light and airy colour tones. Pale and pastel colours are a great way to brighten up the space and will make the room look bigger. Don’t be scared of print either. Wallpaper can be a great way of creating a warm and inviting entrance. We have a great selection of paint brushes, paint rollers and decorating tools to help you get the job done.


The floor of your hallway will most likely receive a lot of wear and tear so it’s best to go for something durable and easy to clean like wooden flooring or tiles as they will be more hardwearing than carpet. However adding a runner, rug or stair carpet is a great way of adding warmth, texture and personality.

Your hallway will feel elongated and more spacious if wooden floor panels are laid down the length of the room rather than across the width. Go for floor colors and textures that will compliment the design on your walls. It should look cohesive not clashing. Tiles can also create a unique contrast to the walls and provide a sleek design finish.

Storage and Furniture

Consider the storage or furniture that you may require in your hallway. For example your hallway isn’t just the entrance to your home, it might also be where you put on and take off your shoes, where you keep your keys or where your telephone is.

Storage cabinets, slim console tables, benches and chairs are a great way of adding a design feature and focus point to your hallway that also have practical functionalities. Use the storage space to hide clutter so you have a clean and welcoming reception area.

Mirrors and Art

A hallway is a great place to hang a mirror, wall art or photos. When it comes to mirrors, we think the bigger the better. They instantly reflect light and colour making your hallway seem more spacious.

Personal mementos will instantly make your hallway more inviting and will welcome people in to your home. Art and imagery are not only great talking points but they will also make the space appear larger.


Lighting can really create an impact in your hallway and the right lighting can instantly transform the space. Make the most out of the available natural light and keep any hallway windows free from clutter. If you plan on changing your front door, opt for one with glass panels as this will also allow more light in.

If you don’t have much space or natural lighting available, use statement ceiling lights and lamps to boost the brightness in the room and add a touch of personality. Bold lampshades are a great way of adding vibrant colour or texture to small spaces. Alternatively use glass light fixtures to get the most out of the available light.

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