Interior colour trends 2020

Let’s take a look at the top trending paint colours of 2020. We’ll break down what the colours are, who makes them and where you can find them. How to use them and how to get the best finish when painting with them. So, let’s dive in and take a look at the top colour predictions of 2020.

Tranquil Dawn

First up is the offering from Dulux. Tranquil Dawn is a wonderful pale, pastel green which Dulux say has been inspired by the morning sky. This versatile shade of green works well in many rooms and contexts. Dulux are seeking to add a human touch to your home by using subtle pastel colours to create natural spaces in any living area, letting the focus of each room fall on the human interactions within.

We love that Dulux are building on their 2019 colour of the year, Spiced Honey, by showing some fantastic combinations. Dulux have been working with top interior designers to find the leading colour trends which shape our lives. This attention to detail has really hit the mark in our opinion as this paint colour helps us feel calm and relaxed. We can really feel the evolution of this series of paint colours. To get the most out of this colour we recommend using our Ultimate Walls and Ceilings products for a perfectly smooth finish.

Duck Green

Farrow & Ball hold one of the best names in quality paints. Their choice for 2020 colour of the year shows their core principles perfectly. “To make paints you can be happy to come home to everyday.” Duck Green is dark rich green which immediately lends a sense of style, a sense of quality to any room it appears in.

Farrow & Ball have considered what matters most to people when returning home from work in the evenings. They have chosen colours which help to relax and create a strong natural sense of comfort. Duck Green is a colour for those seeking to mentally reconnect with the natural world, peacefully in their homes. To get the best results when painting with Duck Green we recommend using an Ultimate Flat Brush and Ultimate Short Pile roller sleeve when painting.

Everything Goes

Crown have shown their creativity and have challenged their audience to find new, weird and wonderful colour combinations. The shades Teal and Mustard Jar used in this example perfectly illustrate the fun you can have, and we love it. Mixing pastel colour or strong vibrant colours can create exciting unexpected areas of your home. We applaud Crowns approach.

To get the most out of mixing different paints we recommend checking if the paint is oil based or water based. Once you have this information you can get the best results for water-based paints, like Teal Emulsion, by using our Ultimate Walls and Ceilings Range. For Oil based paints like Gloss or Satin try using our Ultimate Interior Woodwork brushes and rollers.

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